Panicked Behind The Wheel: How To Overcome An Obstinate Fear Of Driving

Although having a fear of driving may limit the freedom you have in life, you might be able to get by taking buses, commuter trains, cabs, or the subway, but if circumstances suddenly mandate that you learn how to drive, you're faced with an overwhelming task. Driving has real dangers, but fearing them beyond rational bounds means you have a real phobia and, therefore, need real help. The following five-step plan can get you moving in the right direction right away. [Read More]

Child Care Options For A Growing Family

As a stay at home parent with one child, childcare is likely something that you have never considered. If you are trying to get pregnant with a second child, though, you may suddenly find yourself in need of more time to get things done without a little one constantly getting underfoot. You may also simply need more rest. The following options can help you juggle your time and the needs of your children while your family is growing. [Read More]

Coming To Terms With Your Moody Preschooler

When children are toddlers (say 2-3), they are often friendly and happy, but severe occurrences of moodiness are often common. This can make it hard for many preschoolers to integrate with their peers, and can lead to further problems later in life. However, it is possible to understand and deal with this moodiness early. Emotional Control Issues Are Often The Culprit Moody preschoolers are often those who have trouble controlling the range of their emotions or communicating them in effective ways. [Read More]

Four Ways To Prepare Your Child Emotionally For Daycare

When it is time for you to go back to work after you give birth, if you do not have in-home care provided by a relative or nanny, you will be faced with enrolling your young one in a daycare center. The upside of daycare is that your child will be in a structured environment that provides them with the opportunity to socialize with other kids their age and engage in learning activities. [Read More]